Welcome to the 2013-14 Exec Team!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Elections today, and congratulations to the new 2013-14 Exec Team!


President: Vivian Choo
VP (Internal): Charles Ko
VP (External): Shana Kim
Outreach Coordinator: Shari Li
Webmaster: Arushi Jaiswal
Secretary: Nicole Boetto
Social Coordinator: Kaylem Boileau
ASSU/MSSU Rep: Asumi Matsumoto
4th Year Reps: Christine Tsilas and Maria Xu
3rd Year Rep: Allison Deng

I hope you’re all excited for next year, as I’m sure there will be lots to look forward to!


Since I feel like I couldn’t quite find the proper words to say it at the Elections, I just wanted to say that it has been an honor leading the NSSA this year. I have learned so much from the experience, and I’d like to thank anyone who has played a role – whether it was being a part of the Exec Team, supporting/attending an event, or even simply joining this FB group/following our Listserv. I hope that somehow the NSSA has benefited you, and if it hasn’t, please let us know how it can! We are a student association after all; made of students, for the benefit of students. The more thoughts and ideas we get from you, the better we can try to do things to support you – to make a difference in your undergrad experience. So help us! And we can all play a part in making the NSSA bigger and better : ].


One thing I’ve learned about U of T is that the more you give, the more you get out of the experience. I guess that’s pretty cliche, and I guess it sorta applies to life as a whole, not just surviving U of T undergrad haha. But anyway, seize those opportunities, embrace those challenges, and just go for it!


Wishing you all the best of luck! And thanks again!


Your 2012-13 NSSA President : ]

Lauren Lin

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