NSSA Elections Night!

Interested in becoming a member of the NSSA? We are looking to recruit students for the following positions: 
• VP External
• 4th year representative (2)
• 2nd year representative (2)
If you would like to join our team, you must email us at nssa.sa@utoronto.ca by October 12th and let us know which position you are interested in. Candidates must also prepare a 1 minute speech for elections day which will be held on Tuesday October 14th, from 5-7 pm in FG 423 (located in the Fitzgerald Building on the 4th floor). In order to run for a position or vote you must either be in the Nutritional Sciences Major program, or be taking at least one NFS course. You will be asked to provide proof of this on elections day! Further information about the duties of these positions is posted in our constitution. Good luck to all candidates!


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