NSSA: Student-Professor Luncheon

The NSSA is hosting a Student-Professor Luncheon on Wednesday, November 25th from 12:30-2:30pm at FG 423.
Come out to meet your professors and enjoy a delicious lunch!

Professors, researchers, and graduate students who have RSVP’d:
Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy (NFS487) – founder of Nutrigenomix and research in caffeine metabolism (12:30-1:00pm)
Dr. Debbie Gurfinkel (NFS284, 301, 386, 400, 486) – senior lecturer and undergrad coordinator (after 1:00 pm)
Dr. Anthony Hanley – graduate program coordinator and research in type 2 diabetes (12:30-1:15pm)
Dr. Thomas Wolever (NFS284) – research in dietary carbohydrates
Dr. Joanne Kotsopoulos – research in breast cancer
Eleanor Reid (MSc student) coming on behalf of Dr. Deborah O’Connor (after 1:45 pm)NSSA: Student-Professor Luncheon



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