The Executive Team


Shannon Aryca Chin

Year: 4

Post: Nutritional Sciences, Health & Disease

Fun Fact: I’ve traveled to over 20 countries, and I make vlogs of some of the places that I’ve been to.

“At first, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to study Nutritional Sciences, but I’m so happy that I did! The classes and professors are some of the best that I’ve had at U of T. As co-president, I’d like to encourage future students to join our department and provide necessary resources to anyone that would like to learn more about it. While I’m hoping to one day pursue a career in medicine, I’m currently working as a graphic designer and freelance videographer.”

Shi Ping (Linda) Lin


Year: 4

Post: Nutritional Sciences, Health & Disease, Immunology (minor)

Fun Fact: I have never been stung by a bee before

“As a commuter, it was hard finding a community to call my own. Upon stumbling across the Nutritional Sciences community, I was immediately drawn in by the friendly people and approachable profs. This is the perfect place for students to get connected and branch out to not only their peers but also upper years and alumni. Being a part of the NSSA has given me the opportunity to broaden my perspective of the greater UofT community and enhance my undergraduate experience through planning a series of educational and social events. During my free time, you can catch me participating in intramural, baking, or taking a walk in the park. As co-president, I look forward to a great year and can’t wait to meet all of you!”


Xin Ye (Katy) Qi

Year: 4

Post: Nutritional Sciences, Global Health, and French (minor)

Fun Fact: 2000’s pop songs are my guilty pleasure

“I think what we study can become a huge part of our lives and I love the applicability of our NFS course content like when I know random facts about how boba is made or what vitamin/mineral combos are best taken together! Being in the NSSA has given me a strong sense of community within the NFS department and opportunities whether it be networking or cooking a new recipe from one of our workshops. Apart from NSSA, I’m conducting an SRMA to research correlations between fructose sugars and inflammation, I bake some semi-decent brownies, volunteer at a local soup kitchen, and Netflix party with friends in my free time.”


Daniel Chen

Year: 3

Post: Neuroscience & Nutritional Sciences

Fun Fact: Something on my bucket list is to travel across Asia.

“I enjoy being in the NFS department because of the wide scope of research opportunities available; I am currently working on a couple systematic reviews. My career goal is to become a physician-scientist. Some of my interests include hockey, collecting sneakers and finance.”

Outreach Coordinator:

Theodora Tang

Year: 3

Post: Nutritional Science and Psychology Double Major with a Minor in Practical French

Fun fact: I used to be a policy/public forum debater which contributes to my fast talking pace these days!

“I joined the NSSA because I loved the courses and Profs that I interacted with in the program over the past year. I wanted to get more involved and meet more people in the same major which is why I decided to join in as the Outreach Coordinator! I want to get the NSSA out there and collaborate with other clubs so that people know who we are and are interested in our field of study. Alongside the NSSA, I am part of the UofT Women’s Association and will be organizing the Women’s LeadHERship Conference this year! I’m also the sitemaster/media director for healthXvisuals, a group dedicated towards scientific literacy. I am super passionate about making science accessible to everyone so that we can be a more educated population as a whole. During my free time I love to read fantasy, historical fiction and peoples’ original works. I also enjoy playing tabletop games such as DND and Catan. In the future, I’d like to work in healthcare (in any aspect) or take up research in social/developmental psychology or indigenous diets.”

Social Coordinator:

Britney Marbain

Year: 4

Post: Undecided

Fun Fact: In my free time, I love experimenting with new cooking and baking recipes!

“Hey guys! As a Nutritional Sciences major in my final year of undergrad, I wanted to take this last opportunity to join the NSSA team in hopes of making an impact in my department. I have seen this team in actions in various events in the past years and admired their dedication to making nutritional science compelling and accessible for a wide variety of students. Health and nutrition are a large focus in my life and I hope to pursue a career that allows me to help educate others and work with them to improve their health through proper nutrition. Finally, some of my interests include cooking, baking, eating (of course), photography, music, kayaking, and hiking.”



Tina Kamani

Year: 3

Post: Nutritional sciences & Human biology major

Fun Fact: I can make more than 20 types of Pastas 😀 

“I got interested in Nutrition major recently by taking the NFS284! So I changed my major. Since then, I really enjoyed all the NFS courses that I took. I found the NFS department very welcoming and caring! That’s why I joined NSSA to help other students to feel the same and also for everyone to make friends in UofT 🙂 “

ASSU Representative:

Hosna Sahak

Year: 4

Post: Health and Disease specialist, Nutritional Sciences major

Fun Fact: I am an avid anime lover, my favourites being Naruto and Monster, and no, they are not the same as cArToOnS.

“My name is Hosna Sahak and I am the Arts and Science Student Union representative for NSSA. I am a fourth-year student pursuing the Health and Disease specialization and Nutritional Sciences major program. I choose to be involved in NSSA to not only promote the courses and opportunities the department has to offer, but to help in the planning of more student engagement events and career networking events. I am a member of the Women Health Collective chapter in UofT and enjoy volunteering for my neighborhood clinic and food bank. My research interests include breast cancer oncology and rare diseases, and I have contributed to writing many knowledge translational blogs for the patient community and general public. My hobbies include reading poetry, painting landscapes, and baking!”

4th Year Representatives:

Kelvin Cho

Year: 4

Post: Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences

Fun Fact: I built a city out of Lego

“I joined NSSA to be more involved within the department and to get to know the community more. The NFS department is unique at UofT and offers applicable content to everyday life. My interest is in microbiology and nutrition. I love playing/watching sports, eating food and collecting shoes!”

Trang Le

Year: 4

Post: Health and Disease Major

Fun fact: I have raised 3 pigs

“Hi everyone! My name is Trang and I am majoring in Health & Disease, and double minoring in Physiology and Biology. I am involved with the NSSA as a 4th year rep. I first joined the NSSA on a whim and since it has become one of my favourite committees to be apart of. The team dynamic is amazing! My goal for this year is to bring more awareness to the NSSA. I am excited for what this year will bring and hope you can join our journey!”

3rd Year Representatives:

Sophia Srebot

Year: 3

Post: Nutritional Science, double-minor in Physiology and Visual Studies

Fun fact: I have thalassophobia

“I wanted to be a part of the NSSA because I appreciate the way this association unites and supports students in Nutritional Science, from the organization of social events to graduate research nights. I love playing soccer and enjoy creating installation art, especially when exploring concepts of deception in the food industry. I’m currently considering the pathway to a Master of Public Health and exploring ways I can get involved in community nutrition and food justice.”

Eudora Chan

Year: 3

Post: Immunology & Nutritional Sciences

Fun Fact: I love dogs! ❤️

“As I began starting my POst in Immunology & Nutrition, I came across the NSSA. I thought it would be a great opportunity to be involved in a club that was in my field of study/interest. In my down time I can be seen swimming, playing volleyball, & the occasional dragonboating. I wish to pursue a career in the health care to become a pharmacist!”